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Assignment guidelines

Guidelines for student collaboration in relation to assignment and report work

To a certain extent we encourage collaboration among students. However, the projects are part of the examination and it is therefore important that you read and understand the following simple guidelines:

You are allowed to discuss the project formulation with other students and teachers during the course.

You are allowed to discuss principles for solving the project with students and teachers in the course.

You are not allowed to receive or share mathematical derivations from/with other students.

You are not allowed to receive or share any part of the computer code from/with other students.

You are not allowed to receive or share any part of the project report from/with other students.

Computer programs used to solve the task should be clearly stated in the report by providing the program code (e.g. in an appendix).

If it is allowed to work in groups, each of the group members is responsible both for the solution and and for the report. This means that all group members should be able to answer questions related to the project.

Please note that the rules above imply that you are responsible for not spreading your solution/report to other students.

Guidelines for handing in an assignment

Two versions of the project should be handed in. One version as a paper hardcopy and one digital version. The digital version must include the program code as a separate file as well as a pdf version of the report. These files should be e-mailed to The subject heading of the e-mail should consist of the names and dates of birth of the persons handing in the project. Please note that we will keep the digital version of your project for our records. The paper version should be handed in to the Department of Solid Mechanics.

Please note

If non-acceptable collaboration (collusion) or plagiarism is suspected, it will be reported to the university disciplinary board for further consideration. If the disciplinary board finds the student(s) guilty of such misconduct, the student(s) may face up to four months of suspension from all educational activities at the university.

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