Solid Mechanics

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Literature and software


Ottosen .N.S. and Ristinmaa, M.: The Mechanics of Constitutive Modeling Elsevier.

CALFEM --- A finite element toolbox to MATLAB, Division of Structural Mechanics and Division of Solid Mechanics, Lund Institute of Technology.

OH: Kap2, Kap3, Kap4, Kap16-17,Kap 8, Kap 9 , Kap10 ,Resten .

Exercises can be downloaded here

Chapters/sections included in the course (E:everything)

1(E),2(E),3(E),4(E),8(stop at eq.8.102),9(E),10(E),12(E)13.3,16(E),17.-17.7


The CALFEM toolbox is available below. Note that it is only possible to download the files from the computers connected to the network within the M-building.

CALFEM toolbox CALFEM toolbox instructions for installation instructions.txt. The manual is found here calfem34.pdf

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