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Lab, assignments and exams

Computer lab

Text for the examples can be downloaded here: LAB_FEM.pdf

Geometry  for Example 2 can be downloaded here: geom2.m


You can find some guidelines for what kind of collaboration that is allowed when solving the assignment here.

The project for 2018 can be downloaded here. Please note that the routine for calculating the 'C' matrix is available below.

(The project for 2017 can be downloaded here.)

(The project for 2016 can be downloaded here. )

(The project for 2015 can be downloaded  here. OBS! New version 2015-04-29.)

(The project for 2014 can be downloaded  here. Geometry of the profile.)

The matlab-file plantml.m can be downloaded  here.

An introduction to MAtlab PDE toolbox can be downloaded  here.


Exam at the 28th May 2018 here. Solutions can be found here.

Exam at the 29th May 2017 here. Solutions can be found here.

Exam at the 30th May 2015 here. Solutions can be found here.







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