Solid Mechanics

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Chapter 1: Ex. 1.3, 1.5

Chapter 2: Ex. 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, E2.5, E2.6

Chapter 6: E6.1, E6.2, E6.3, E6.4

Chapter 8: E8.1

Chapter 9: E9.1

Exercise denoted E-are found below

  • Exercise E2.5 ex25.pdf and manual pages for 3D bar element bar3g.pdf.  Control of element (binary) test_data. Note element force vector should be transposed

  • Exercise E2.6 Text for exercise ex26.pdf.
  • Exercise E6.2. Text for exercise E6.2 ex6.2.pdf. The geometry is defined in geom7e1.mat, i.e. same as in exercise E6.1. Control that functions are correct (binary) test_data, ep=[E v]. Some useful results
  • Exercise E6.3. Text for exercise E6.3 ex6.3.pdf.
  • Exercise E6.4. Text for exercise E6.4 ex6.4.pdf and the geometry file (binary) geom7e4.mat. File for generating the geometry gdata.m. The manual pages for the element plan4g.pdf.  Control that element is correct (Gauss points start at (-1,-1)/sqrt(3) and continues in counter clock-wise order) (binary) test_data. 
  • Exercise E.9.1. Text for exercise E9.1: ex9.1.pdf. The geometry file is the same as for E8.1. The manual page for the mass matrix plan3gm.pdf
     Data to check the element mass matrix: controlE9.1.mat. The routines for Dunavant's quadrature rules can be found here.
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