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Fracture Mechanics, Advanced Course, FHLN25/FHL090

Credits: 7,5 hp. Responsible teacher: Ralf Denzer, Recommended prerequisites: Finite Elements, FHLF01, FHLF10, FHLF20/FHL064, VSMN30, and Computational Inelasticity, FHLN05, or similar courses. Teaching: Lectures and problem sessions 56 h. Individual study: 144 h. Assessment: Written or oral examination. Study period: 4. Old course code: FHL090


  1. Linear fracture mechanics, analytical crack tip solutions. Stress fields, stress intensity factors and path-independent integrals for fracture problems. Concepts of dissipated energy methods and fracture toughness. Materials testing, test specimens for fracture mechanical testing. Limits of linear fracture mechanics.
  2. Numerical computation of crack driving forces or J-integral, for linear and nonlinear fracture problems within the finite element method.
  3. Phase-field fracture model using the finite element method for crack propagation.


Education is given as lectures, exercises and self studies. Emphasis is put on the selection of models for fracture problems, analytical calculations and numerical methods. Oral or written examination and project. The grade is given for the entire course. The grades are: not passed (0) and passed (3 to 5)

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Literature recommendations will be given at the beginning of the course.

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