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Hållfasthetslära AK II

Course information

Credits: 7.5. Responsible teacher: Håkan Hallberg. Assessment: Written examination, a compulsory laboratory exercise and two compulsory hand-in assignments. Study period: 2

A detailed course program (in Swedish) can be downloaded in pdf-format here.

The course is given by the Division of Solid Mechanics. We are located in the southern end of the M-building on the 5th (top) floor.


To qualify for a final grade it is required that a written examination as well as two compulsory project assignments and a compulsory lab are completed. The grades are given on the scale 3, 4, 5.

Laboratory class

Instructions (in Swedish) for the laboratory class, with preparation exercises, may be downloaded as a pdf-file here.

Additional notes on strain gauge techniques can be downloaded here.

Previous examinations

Can be found here or by following the link in the menu to the left.


N. S. Ottosen, M. Ristinmaa och C. Ljung: Hållfasthetslära, Allmänna tillstånd, Studentlitteratur, 2007.
Some corrections to the course book are listed here.

Bengt Sundström (ed.): Handbok och formelsamling i Hållfasthetslära, KTH.



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