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Damage modeling and damage criteria for ductile polymers in food and beverage packages

MSc student: Isabelle Wahlström

Supervisor: Jonas Engqvist


Polymer parts are being increasingly used in packages at Tetra Pak. In the development process, virtual engineering has become an important tool. The possibility of performing simulations may shorten the development time and increase the quality of the product. To perform simulations that are close to the real behavior of the material, the mechanical properties need to be known. At Tetra Pak, the general knowledge of a polymer’s mechanical properties is well known by the use of tensile tests, which can be translated into a material model. However, this model is on macroscopic scale and does not include microstructure nor damage modelling parameters. Therefore, an extension of the current material model to include a damage criteria is needed to be able to capture opening behavior on a macroscopic scale.


By the use of tensile testing of different specimens of HDPE and the use of Digital Image Correlation, the damage behavior will be studied. The experimental tests will be conducted, with suitable settings to be able to study the dependence of material orientation, speed and temperature. From the tests, necessary material parameters for FEM-simulation will be obtained, which will be used to evaluate the built-in damage models in Abaqus.

Project aim

  • Increase the knowledge of damage modelling and damage criteria for a ductile polymer to in simulations be able to better capture the real behavior of openings.
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