Solid Mechanics

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Al-ibadi, Mujtaba

Research activities

Mechanical characterisation of paperboard through experiments. The micro-structure of paperboard and its evolution during mechanical loading will be studied using X-ray tomography. This requires the development of experimental setups that allows the paperboard sample to be imaged while simultaneously being deformed. Image analysis tools will be developed to extract and quantify structural changes from the 3D images. The work is aimed towards performing the experiments with fast acquisition times to capture time-dependent behaviour at synchrotron facilities. With a better understanding of the micro-structure and the underlying deformation mechanisms, it is possible to develop more accurate mechanical models that can be used to predict the behaviour of paperboard during the converting process.

Main supervisor: Stephen Hall

Teaching Activities

Teaching assistant in Solid Mechanics, Basic course for M (AK II), spring 2018

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Mujtaba Al-ibadi

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