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Hallberg, Håkan

Research activities

Current research is focused on modeling and simulation of microstructure evolution in metallic materials and how this translates into macroscale material behavior. The main research topics include plasticity across length-scales as well as microstructure changes due to, e.g., recrystallization, grain growth and phase transformations. Both modeling and experimental investigations of the physical mechanisms as well as implementation of efficient numerical simulation algorithms are fields of interest.

Research topics

Ongoing research projects

  • Multiscale modeling of metal thin film mechanics
  • Growth of tin whiskers from Sn-Cu substrates
  • Dislocation/grain boundary interactions and related gradient effects
  • Martensitic phase transformation, in relation to metal forming and fracture mechanics

Master's Thesis Projects

Available Master's projects

The following MSc projects are available to LTH students:

Reaction-diffusion modeling of dislocations (more info here)

Modeling and simulation of electromigration in thin copper films (more info here)

Physics-based mesh adaption (more info here)

Ongoing Master's projects

Please follow this link.

Teaching activities

Solid Mechanics (M/TD): Hållfasthetslära AK (FHLF15, 15 credits). The course web page (in Swedish) can be found here.

Engineering Mechanics (K/W/BME/Pi/Nano): Teknisk mekanik (FHL055, 7.5 credits). The course web page (in Swedish) can be found here.

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