Solid Mechanics

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Oppermann, Philip

Research activities

  • Development of an electromechanically coupled model for polymers based on fundamental dipole characteristics of polymer chains at the micro level.
  • The model includes deformation induced evolution of the the microstructure as well as viscous response .
  • Micro-macro transition is realized using micro sphere model.
  • Implementation into a 3d large strain finite element formulation to simulate complex coupled boundary value problems
  • The physics- and micromechanics-informed model shall enable to naturally predict complex response observed at the macro level such as deformation- dependent permittivity and, moreover, phenomena such as electrical breakdown.  

Main supervisor: Andreas Menzel
Assistant supervisor: Ralf Denzer & Matti Ristinmaa

Teaching activities

Teaching assistant in The Finite Element method (for M), spring 2018

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Philip Oppermann

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