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Licentiate theses in Solid Mechanics

TFHF-1061 (2019)
Adhesion in Packaging Materials
Simon Pettersson

TFHF-1051 (2014)
Efficient crystal plasticity simulations of microstructure evolution
Ylva Mellbin

TFHF-1050 (2014)
Continuum modeling of the mechanical properties of paperboard
Eric Borgqvist

TFHF-1049 (2014)
In-situ phase studies of the Zr-H system
Tuerdi Maimaitiyili

TFHF-1048 (2013)
Diffusion in Bone Tissue
Gustav Lindberg

TFHF-1045 (2011)
Modeling of mechanical behaviour of amorphous glassy polymers
Sami Holopainen

TFHF-1044 (2011)
Electro-viscoelastic modeling of electroactive polymers
Anna Ask

TFHF-1043 (2010)
Microstructures and surface roughness of EBM produced Ti-6A1-4V
Adnan Safdar

TFHF-1041 (2010)
On initiation of chemically assisted crack growth and crack propagation paths of branching cracks in polycarbonate
Ulf Hejman

TFHF-1038 (2007)
Simulation of material behavior in metal forming processes
Håkan Hallberg

TFHF-1037 (2007)
Anisotropy at finite strains and application to paper materials
Anders Harrysson

TFHF-1034 (2006)
Modeling of evolving anisotropy at finite elasto-plastic strains
Magnus Harrysson

TFHF-1033 (2005)
Weakening of crack-tip singularity due to buckling of thin bodies under tension
Chong Li

TFHF-1031 (2005)
Om kantbuckling av pappersbanan vid pappersproduktion
Jiri Havir

TFHF-1030 (2004)
Simulation of heat generation in elasto-plastic materials
Paul Håkansson

TFHF-1026 (2001)
Constitutive modelling af plasticity and its numerical implementation
Mathias Wallin

TFHF-1025 (2000)
Numerical and experimental study of metal powder compaction
Joakim Cedergren

TFHF-1024 (2000)
Phenomenological aspects on continuum damage mechanics
Mattias Olsson

TFHF-1020 (1998)
Viscoplastic material behaviour in the transitation region
Ola Wall

TFHF-1019 (1998)
Heat generation due to plastic deformations
Marcella Vecchi

TFHF-1018 (1997)
Direct approach in stability analysis
Anders Magnusson

TFHF-1017 (1996)
A Continuum Mechanics Approch to High-cycle Fatigue Modelling
Robert Stenström

TFHF-1016 (1995)
A Nonlocal Plasticity Model and Finite Element Results
Lena Strömberg

TFHF-1015 (1994)
Modelling of Plasticity and Damage in a Polycristalline Microstructure                                        
Patrik Cannmo

TFHF-1014 (1993)
Dynamic Buckling of a Beam With Transverce Constraints
Ingrid Svensson

TFHF-1011 (1991)
Crack Growth Initiation of a Quater Notched 3-point Bend Specimen Under High Velocity Impact
Hsiao-rong Kao

TFHF-1010 (1990)
Numerical Treatment of Elasto-Plastic Equations in Finite Element Calculations                                     
Matti Ristinmaa

TFHF-1009 (1990)
On Low Cycle Fatique
Johan Tryding

TFHF-1008 (1989)
On Transient Crack Growth
Erland Johnsson

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