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PhD theses in Solid Mechanics

TFHF-1065 (2021)
Crystallization in additive manufacturing of metallic glass
Anders Ericsson

TFHF-1064 (2020)
Macroscopic modelling of coupled multiphysics in swelling cellulose based materials
Marcus Alexandersson

TFHF-1063 (2020)
Topology optimization of non-linear, dissipative structures and materials
Niklas Ivarsson

TFHF-1062 (2019)
Multiscale granular mechanics: A neutron diffraction based experimental approach
Stefanos Athanasopoulos

TFHF-1060 (2019)
Tin whiskers: experiments and modelling
Johan Hektor

TFHF-1059 (2018)
On the growth of bone through stress driven diffusion and bone generation processes
Gustav Lindberg

TFHF-1058 (2017)
Mechanical behaviour of growing precipitates
Wureguli Rehman

TFHF-1057 (2016)
Continuum modeling of the coupled transport of mass, energy, and momentum in paperboard
Henrik Askfelt

TFHF-1056 (2016)
Microsphere-based modeling of electro-active polymers
Sara Thylander

TFHF-1055 (2016)
Multiscale modeling of dynamic recrystallization
Ylva Mellbin

TFHF-1054 (2016)
Mechanical behaviour of glassy polymers: experiments and modelling
Jonas Engqvist

TFHF-1053 (2016)
Continuum modeling of the mechanical response of paper-based materials
Eric Borgqvist

TFHF-1052 (2015)
On the determination of diffusion coefficients in bone
Abdallah Shokry

TFHF-1047 (2013)
Modeling and simulation of electric-viscoelastic polymers
Anna Ask

TFHF-1046 (2012)
A study on electron beam melted Ti-6Al-4V
Adnan Safdar

TFHF-1042 (2010)
Modeling of material behavior in metal forming
Håkan Hallberg

TFHF-1040 (2009)
Modelling damage evolution and fracture of paper materials
Rickard Hägglund

TFHF-1039 (2008)
Evolution of anisotropy in continua exposed to large strains
Magnus Harrysson

TFHF-1036 (2007)
Modeling of coupled thermoplasticity at finite strains
 Paul Håkansson

TFHF-1035 (2006)
Class of accurate low order finite element
Magnus Fredriksson

TFHF-1032 (2005)
Some aspects of wear and structural dynamics
Jakob Knudsen

TFHF-1028 (2004)
Plasticity driven damage and void growth
Mattias Olsson

TFHF-1027 (2003)
Modeling of plasticity at large strains
Mathias Wallin

TFHF-1023 (2000)
Experiments and modelling of fracture initiation at impact
Ola Wall

TFHF-1022 (2000)
Stability of statically and periodically loaded structures
Ingrid Svensson

TFHF-1021 (2000)
Branch identification in elastic stability analysis
Anders Magnusson

TFHF-1013 (1993)
Cyclic Plasticity and Its Numerical Treatment
Matti Ristinmaa

TFHF-1012 (1991)
Modelling Transient Crack Growth
Erland Johnsson

TFHF-1007 (1987)
Mechanical Stability of the Human Lumbar Spine
Anders Bergmark

TFHF-1006 (1985)
On the Role of Process Regions at Stationary and Growing Cracks
Per Ståhle

TFHF-1005 (1985)
On Crack Paths
Solveig Melin

TMHL-1004 (1978)
Experimental and Theoretical Studies on Biomechanical Impact
Christer Ljung

TMHL-1003 (1977)
Design, Use and Accuracy of a Flexible Finite Element Program System
Jan Hernelind

TMHL-1001 (1977)
A Convenient and Flexible Finite Element Program System and Its Use In Applications of Solid Mechanics
Lars-Göran Pärletun

The design and utilization of an acceleration plant for impact tests
Göran Wihlborg

An investigation of brittle crack propagation and arrest
Hans Bergkvist

Analysis of some non-linear fracture phenomena by the finite element method
Hans Andersson

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