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Hall, Stephen

My research is mainly focussed on experimental mechanics and in particular experimental geomechanics, but I work on many different materials (rocks, soils, polymers, metals..) using many different methods (x-ray and neutron tomography and diffraction, digital image correlation and analysis, ultrasonic and acoustic methods...).

Currently I work mainly at the Division of Solid Mechanics, but I am also director of LINXS (Lund Insititute for advanced Neutron and X-ray Science).


I joined the Division of Solid Mechanics in May 2011 after moving from Laboratoire 3SR in Grenoble, France where I was a "Chargé de Recherche" (permanent researcher) with the CNRS (the French national research agency).

Research activities

  • Experimental analysis of deformation mechanisms in materials including localisation of deformation and micro-scale origins 
  • Full-field measurements (2D and 3D-volumetric) to characterise deformation mechanisms: x-ray, neutron and ultrasonic tomographies; digital image correlation and analysis; 3D x-ray and neutron diffraction 
  • Wave propagation in geomaterials and characterisation of mechanical processes and proprieties with elastic waves (ultrasonic, seismic) 
  • Elastic anisotropy: characterisation using seismic or ultrasonic data, determination of the origins, modelling.


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Stephen Hall

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