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Hoomin, Lee

Research activities

The aim of my research is the development of numerical methods for structural optimization. Interactions between various physics systems are considered in the optimization process to work with linear and nonlinear responses of target structures. Currently my research focuses on optimization of deployable structures based on buckling upon rotational input. 

Main supervisor:Mathias Wallin
Assistant supervisor:Matti Ristinmaa


Enhancement of vibration attenuation and shock absorption in composite sandwich structures with porous foams and surface patterns
Lee, H.M., Kim, D.Y., Kim, M.S., Park, J. and Yoon, G.H., 2022. Composite Structures, p.115755.

Optimization of structural design with pendulum dynamic vibration absorber using genetic algorithm
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One-Step Fabrication of Superhydrophobic Surfaces with Wettability Gradient Using Three-Dimensional Printing
Sung, J., Lee, H.M., Yoon, G.H., Bae, S. and So, H., 2022. International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing-Green Technology, pp.1-12.

Topography and size optimization of composite structure to control buckling temperature and thermal buckling mode shape
Lee, H.M., Lee, K.K. and Yoon, G.H., 2022. Thin-Walled Structures, 171, p.108686.

Modeling and application of anisotropic hyperelasticity of PDMS polymers with surface patterns obtained by additive manufacturing technology
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Size optimization method for controlling the buckling mode shape and critical buckling temperature of composite structures
Lee, H.M. and Yoon, G.H., 2021. Composite Structures, 255, p.112902.

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