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Ståhle, Per

I address problems in the theoretical and applied mechanics of solids. My
research involves stress corrosion, hydrogen embrittlement and materials testing.
I have a focus on the mechanical conditions leading to dissolution of materials,
instabilities at material surfaces, growth of precipitates and initiation and
growth of cracks.

In 1986 I became Docent and then acting Professor of Solid
Mechanics at Uppsala University (87), Professor at Luleå University (93),
Professor of Mechanics of Materials at Malmö University (00) and since 2009
Professor of Solid Mechanics at Lund University.

From 2004 to 2009 I was the chairman of the National Committee for
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics at the Swedish Royal Academy of Science,
correspondent of EuroMech 1994 to 1996, expert for the Swedish Research
Council, the NATO Collaborative Research Council and the Royal Society
of London. Swedish representative in The International Union of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics since 2012. Officer of European Structural Integrity
Society since 2015. Official Elsevier blogger for the International Journal of
Engineering Fracture Mechanics.



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