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Wallin, Mathias

Research activities

Research topics:

  • Micro-mechanical modeling of metals, fibrous materials and polymers
  • Constitutive models suitable for large scale simulations
  • Numerical methods for solving elasto-plastic boundary value problem
  • Numerical integration algorithms for path-dependent problem
  • Algorithms and methods for structural optimization

Ongoing projects:

  • Model for Macro-Micro delamination for paperboard
  • Thermo-mechanical models for glassy polymers
  • Micro-mechanical models for phase transformation
  • Computational design of energy absorbing structures

Teaching activities

  • Finite Element Method and an introduction to Strength of materials (FHLF10). Course page can be found here.
  • Finite Element Method (FHLF01). Course page can be found here.
  • Strucural Optimization (FHLN01). Course page can be found here.

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2015:  Professor, Lund University 
2009-2015:  Lecturer, Lund University 
2008:   Docent, Lund University.
2004-2009: Research Assistent (Forskarassistent) Solid Mechanics, Lund University. 
2003:   Ph.D., Solid Mechanics, Lund University


Page Manager:

Mathias Wallin

Professor, Head of Division


+46 46 222 79 94