Solid Mechanics

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Division of Solid Mechanics

The research at division of Solid Mechanics (Hållfasthetslära) is focused on constitutive modeling, nonlinear numerical methods, biomechanics and fracture mechanics. Numerical methods like the finite element method serve as the base in most of the research. The course range is to a great extent influenced by the research at the division.

The division of Solid Mechanics is responsible for courses in solid mechanics and engineering mechanics within several engineering programmes at LTH. The courses span everything from introductory courses to advanced courses.

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Division of Solid Mechanics
Lund University / LTH

Box 118, 221 00 Lund
Visitors: Ole Römersväg 1, Lund

Phone: 046 - 222 79 90 
Fax: 046 - 222 31 15


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Master Thesis presentations

On Friday, the 25th of May, Isabelle Wahlström will present her thesis entitled "Fracture mechanics and damage modeling of injection molded high density polyethylenel".

The presentation will take place in the conference room next to the coffee room, third floor, M-building, with start 10.15.  


On Friday, the 1st of June, there will be two presentations:

Pontus Thuresson will present his thesis entitled "Modelling static and dynamic loads on TFA packages during packing, distribution and storing", at 10:15, room M:D, M-building.

Johannes Nyberg will present his thesis entitled "Top Load Compression Analysis of Primary and Secondary Package". The presentation will be held in the conference room, third floor, M-building, starting at 13:00.

Publish your research on recrystallization

M. Ristinmaa and H. Hallberg are guest editors for a special issue of the journal Crystal. The topic of this special issue is "Recrystallization of Metallic Materials" and it is open for submissions until August 1st 2018. More information on the scope of the special issue and on submission procedures etc. can be found at the journal's special issue web page, following this link.

The Sandvik award in mechanics of materials

Johan Hektor has been awarded "The Sandvik award in mechanics of materials" with the motivation "For the development of a multiphase field model capturing the chemomechanical mechanisms behind tin whisker growth in aging Cu-Sn systems".

Professor Guocai Chai, representative of Sandvik, together with Johan and the president of SNM, Professor Anders Klarbring, shortly after the ceremony in Uppsala.

Best thesis award

Jonas Engqvist was presented with the Best thesis award at the MAX IV Laboratory with the motivation "For showing an innovative use of synchrotron light from the MAX IV Laboratory" for his doctorial thesis "Mechanical behaviour of glassy polymers: experiments and modelling".