Solid Mechanics

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Solid Mechanics was the first division established at LTH now the technical faculty at Lund University. The first head of the division, Bertam Broberg, was also the first professor at LTH and even dean. He was instrumental in the establishment of the LTH campus.

Until 2006, we belonged to the Department of Mechanical Engineering and now we are part of the Department of Construction Sciences.

Research is carried out within the fields of constitutive modeling, computational mechanics, fracture mechanics and biomechanics. Major emphasis is given to constitutive modeling and computational mechanics where a proficient international standard has been achieved. A general approach is adopted where – for instance - the constitutive modeling is based on thermodynamics and this implies that new topics can readily be approached; examples are: phase transformations, magnetic coupling phenomena and smart materials. In recent years, emphasis has been given to large strain plasticity/viscoplasticity, texture development and micromechanics.

Much of this research is carried out in close cooperation with leading universities in USA, Germany, Israel and India.


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